Remote Offline Database Backup

To flight against ransomware, firewall, security policy, anti-virus, anti-spam and other security tools are definitely required. However, just in case your desktop or even your database backup is encrypted by ransomware, what can you do?

Restore from Backup is the only solution.

If your backup files are encrypted or corrupted, there may not be any solutions.  Therefore, database backup and store it remotely is essential.  Here I am going to illustrate how to use some simple tools to build up a Backup Solution for SME that can

  1. Daily Database Backup and Verification
  2. Backup Files Stored on Cloud and “Remote Locally”
  3. Restore Backup is protected using AES encryption
  4. Email notification for the entire backup process
  5. Automated Backup process
  6. Storage up to 1TB backup files

Software Tools required:

  1. Software: SQLBackupAndFTP
  2. Hardware: WD Mirror Cloud Backup
  3. Cloud Storage: Dropbox Plus



SQLBackupAndFTP is a simple database backup solution that

  1. backup automatically on schedule
  2. verify the backup file
  3. encrypt backup file using AES encryption
  4. upload backup files to FTP, Google Drive, Dropbox and other cloud storage
  5. send email notification on the backup and upload process

Therefore, SQLBackupAndFTP can reduce the administrator workload on performing backup manually and checking the status.

For remote offline backup, you can upload your backup files to Dropbox, Google Drive and other cloud storage.

Dropbox Plus offer 1TB storage and Extended Version History Feature. It is sufficient to keep databases and related files.  Dropbox Plus has an Extended Version History that keeps previous file versions and deleted files for one year without taking up your space.

WD My Cloud Mirror is a backup device that support backup files from your Dropbox account. Therefore, you can run your WD My Cloud Mirror at home, in other office location or even same office. The purpose of having WD device is to allow you to restore backup file directly from WD device. This approach can reduce the time to download backup file from your cloud storage.

You may use other cloud storage solution such as OneDrive, Box, Amazon AWS.

You may also use other Cloud Mirror devices such as Seagate and Synology


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