Servers and Network Monitoring

Preventive is always better than cure.  Being a IT support staff, have you ever asked

  • Why the server was down?
  • When it was down?
  • Why?
  • How come you did not know?

Without a server and network monitoring system, you may need to check all the system event log files and spend at least a day to prepare your incident report. For some bosses, the incident report is just an excuse report which does not help on your performance appraisal. Some open-minded bosses would ask a question on how to resolve the issue in a better way next time.

PRTG is a network monitoring tool that help you to monitor all computer systems such as your server, network switch, firewall, website, email server and so on up and running. You can use web interface, ios / android app to monitor it. Therefore, if any server or device goes wrong, you will be alerted and you can trace all the monitoring sensors to troubleshoot it.



SME IT Support usually focuses on certain business scenario

  • Server up and down (Uptime)
  • Server performance (Disk, Memory, CPU usage)
  • Web page performance (Load time)

Uptime: PRTG comes with a set of sensors that allow you to monitor all your hardware, software, database, VM, Application, IP, Ping. Example, if you want to monitor your Accounting System, you can monitor the server by PING, Database Port,  Web Port and Service running. If the machine is still running but database server is down, you will receive an database monitoring alert.  Therefore, you can restart database server before any complaints received from your end-users.

Server Performance: IT Support always face the issues that end user complains on the performance of the server getting slower and slower. Without PRTG, IT support needs to go to end-user machine and do a response time tracking, understand the compliant. Then, start doing performance counter setup and capture. This process takes few days or up to a week. PRTG can monitor Memory, CPU, Disk Usage 7×24. You can easily trace back any suspect events happened before. Perhaps some users did not close an application properly that causing memory problem.  Perhaps memory leak occurs on an application. Perhaps disk fragmentation problem.



Web page performance: “Web site is very slow today”.  IT Support may be puzzle how fast was the web site performance yesterday and how slow it is today. Therefore, IT support spend the time checking all the network devices, test the website loading speed, found no problem and usually answer to end-user,  “We have checked and please try again”.  Instead of wasting time on doing meaningless trouble-shooting, let PRTG monitor the website closely for you on every minutes.

website-monitoring_hompage_http_sensor-details_2tage  map-sunburst-4


App for your Mobile Phone (ios, Android).  So, you can monitor your network easily anywhere anytime.



Download PRTG

PRTG has a freeware edition that comes with 100 sensors.  If you need more than 100 sensors, you need to go for paid edition.

Spend a little time on monitoring work, then you can sit back and relax for support trouble-shooting.

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